Roger Brown

Roger Brown

Roger Brown lives in Maun Botswana where he finds inspiration in the bright African village activities and the wild animal life that abounds around Maun.He is also inspired by the nearby jewel,the okavango delta.He paints in oils, acrylic and enjoys sketching as well. If you would like to contact him, his email address is   You can also follow his blog at

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8 Artworks in Roger Brown's Art Portfolio

Boys chasing the tyre

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Boys Chasing The Tyre

Three african boys chase a tyre on their way back home late afternoon sunlight shines onto their backs while bare feet kick up dust bright col...

Leopard in tree

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Leopard In Tree

A leopard enjoys a rest in the fork of a jackal berry tree in northern botswana.

Thabo and the donkeys

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Thabo And The Donkeys

Thabo leads his uncles donkey cart in northern botswana just outside his home village near the okavango delta.young boys learn to carry out ba...

Elephant Trio

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Elephant Trio

This is one of my first large paintings i sold .i painted it in acrylic when i was 17 years old and sold it a few months later at a gallery ca...

Stripes on the run.

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Stripes On The Run.

This was a zebra.,a mother and calf that we saw in the moremi game reserve(okavango delta).