voyage 1

Voyage 1

Acrylic painting of a sailing yatch breaking waves along the coastline.painted on cotton canvas board. by adrian roberts

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Added on 11th of May 2009

Harbour view

Harbour View

Harbour view by welsh artist adrian roberts. hand painted in acrylic paint on cotton canvas board. 

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Added on 15th of April 2009

New York 1

New York 1

New york by adrian roberts i enjoyed the pace in  which i painting this piece and the  freedom i had of not been to concerned with detail more on crowding the colours together, hastly.painting this in a free manner brought out the busyness of city life. original painting on cotton canvas framed ready be placed on wall.

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Added on 2nd of July 2009

Old wreck

Old Wreck

Hand painted  in acrylic on cotton canvas board.  

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Added on 7th of June 2009

Black mountains

Black Mountains

Black mountains by welsh artist adrian roberts. hand painted in acrylic on cotton canvas board.22x16"

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Added on 14th of April 2009


New York 2

New york 2 by adrian roberts here's another painting of the yellow cabs in new york done in acrylic on cotton canvas .cant get enough of painting cityscapes especially new york with it's vibrant colours and busy feel. original painting ,framed and ready be placed on wall.

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Added on 5th of July 2009

The fishermans boat

The Fishermans Boat

The fishermans boat by welsh artist adrian roberts. a colourful and evocative acrylic painting of fishing boats resting after a days work.the aim in this art piece was to capture the contrast between the strong colours of the boats and their natural dark surroundings.    

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Added on 26th of March 2009

Flowers 1

Flowers 1

A quick drawing of vase of flowers done in ink and pen on a4 cartridge paper.i favoured a   similar drawing that i had seen in this style which resulted in me drawing this piece. 

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Added on 19th of May 2009


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